Envilon Engineering

ENVILON Engineering Private Limited is engineering solution company working in the field of Glass, Aluminum, uPVC and automotive sector. They are excellent service provider for various projects, machine manufacturer and actively engaged in design, development, machining & fabrication of precision and high quality components, steel structures, machines used for specific applications in industries.

Things we worked on :
How the idea Stuck our Client

Being a renowned company in the field of Glass and Automotive sector, client wanted to grow their business further in different states and wanted a platform through which he can scale his business with ease. 

Website being that platform, client decided to give a shot to Website Design and Development and see if this idea suits his business and whether his buyers are willing to place online orders through website. 

How did the Client find Liftup?

Client was previously referred to Liftup by one of our previous customers and hence he was well aware about the process we follow and the quality of work that we provide. Upon knowing the timeline to complete the project, client was convinced to start the work. 

What our client sought?

Client wanted to change his business and the Automotive industry from the traditional offline method to a fully working online model. This being an entirely new concept for him, he was quite skeptical if this would work. However, he anyways wanted to give it a shot and hence decided to build a website for his business.  

Final Logo

After the initial design and wireframe, client had no clue how the website should look. Which is why he asked us to study on some similar websites and design his website accordingly. 

Upon finalizing the wireframe, we started with the development and content creation. This being the first time that the client was doing something out of the box, he was a bit cconcious which is why it toook 5 weeks for us to conclude this project. 


After spending 5 weeks and working hard on the design and concept so that the client likes the work, the final work ended up being something client didn’t expect and was really happy with the website. 

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