Family Tree

Uniting all the Family members and letting everyone realize how big their family actually is and what everyone does in their family is the concept of this application. They build a family tree which shows all the relatives under one tree and you can easily locate them and find your relation with them directly through this app. 

Things we worked on :
How the idea Stuck our Client

Facing the issues in locating our relatives or recognizing them is a major issue that youngsters face in India while for our relatives its important that people recognize them. Just to resolve this issue, client designed this app where it would be really easy to figure out about your relatives just by searching their name. 

How did the Client find Liftup?

Client reached out to us for Branding of this app when they saw our work on Social Media and from there we moved on in the development of the application.

What our client sought?

The basic goal of the client was to make it easy for everyone to recognize their relatives and talk with them through this app itself. Client also planned various business features that he wanted to add into this app so that people get an extra discount into physical shops if it is owned by their relatives. 

Final Strategy

After completing with the branding and wireframe of the website, most of the idea was already clear about the workflow of the application. Altough this seems to be a quite simple application, it was really difficult to show the exact family tree and relations with specific person which became the major road block in this project. 

To solve this issue, the developers in Liftup worked hard and finally found out a solution on how it would be easy to showcase relations and also in two seperate languages so that its easy for everyone to understand. 


After the completion of the App, there were still some bugs that came up while testing. As this was a totally new concept for all of the developers, they sat day and night and solved the issues before the deadline and made it an perfectly working app.

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