We Make In India

We Make In India is an Amazing concept launched in pandemic where it would help people follow social distancing and get all their daily essentials without coming in contact to anyone else. This app had Store Owners, Service Providers and Vendors registered with an option to place your order through app itself and get notified when your order is prepared. 

Things we worked on :
How the idea Stuck our Client

This pandemic was really a disaster for most of the business owners and while sitting at home, it was really necessary to sustain and even help others in their difficult times. In order to do this, client decided to build an app that would have everyone registered and people can place their orders to the shop owners / service providers / vendors directly from the app and get the item delivered or get a unique timeslot to pick the item while following social distancing guidelines. 

How did the Client find Liftup?

While being in search for some app developers based in Pune, client was referred to Liftup by some of his friend. In the initial conversation the client was hesitant in sharing his idea but after a few conversations he made a decision to work with us and turn his idea into a working Mobile Application

What our client sought?

Client wanted this app to be developed in high priority as he knew it won’t get much response once the pandemic is over and had just one chance to get as many users as possible. While discussing about the wireframe, we came to a point where we realized that we had to create 3 different applications (Customer, Partner, Admin) in both Android and iOS Platforms. 

Final Application

After the wireframe was ready, we asked client for another 3 months to develop this application. Apart from all the hurry from client’s side, we delivered this application with final testing in 80 Days.

Client was really happy with the timely delivery as this was the most important metrix we had to follow while working on this project. 


After spending a total of 115 days in designing the brand identity, wireframe and developing the entire application in both Android and iOS Platforms, clients finally seemed satisfied with the result that he got with this application. 

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