Devatithi delivers a wide range of traditional and designer sarees that would fit any auspicious occasions or parties. The brand emphasizes on preserving the ethnicity and culture in this modern era, keeping up with the on-going trend. They have a wide range of products that are shipped all over India and also in the USA.

Things we worked on :
How the idea Stuck our Client

Being a family business of Sarees and Ethnic Wear, client wanted to grow his business out of his area and get some more clients. Due to the pandemic and delay in deliveries client was already facing issues in the online method and started loosing hopes when he finally decided to hire a professional development and marketing agency to take control of his brand and grow it online through organic and paid methods.  

How did the Client find Liftup?

While searching for agencies that can help him achieve his goal, client came across our Instagram Profile and sent us a DM to see if we could help him in achieving his goal. After the first conversation we decided to meet in person and talk about the scope of work in detail and this was how we started with the project. 

What our client sought?

Upon meeting the client it was quite clear that what finally mattered to the client was sales, he was already quite disappointed by the efforts he took himself and was in search for some quick help. We suggested client to go for social media marketing and Shopify Website as this was what would work for him the best in this stage. 

Final Strategy

After developing the website and setting up the social media profile, we started running social media ads for the account reach and conversions which would bring in some initial sales for the client. 

In the start the client didn’t get much order but when the website was in place and the ads started running with the perfect set of audience, consistent orders started coming in. 


After setting up the website and Facebook ads, we took his page to 10k followers and also helped him get some consistent orders from all over India which restored his confidence in Online Marketing. 

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